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D&G/Dolce&Gabbana has two main products lines with a few key distinct differences.

The Dolce&Gabbana line specializes in luxury items which is more influenced by designers and there products are more formal and timeless. The result is a long term trend rather than seasonal. They also sell sunglasses and corrective eyewear, purses, and watches.

The D&G has a slightly more casual line that follows an urban inspiration and attempts to set trends rather than follow them. Consider as the younger, more flamboyant line of the brand.

D&G is also selling watches as well as clothing, and have been voted the U.K’s best luxury brand.

Around 2005–2006, a limited line of 1000 golden D&G Motorola RAZR V3i mobile phones were distributed by D&G boutiques and major Motorola retailers.

Also in July 200...

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