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Rising Star Alex Woo is a New York based jewelry designer who first rose to prominence when a necklace from her Little Numbers collection was worn by Eva Longoria in 2005.

Likewise Longoria, Alex Woo’s celebrity clients have included Kelly Ripa, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez.

In 2006, Woo was named a Rising Star by the Jeweler’s Circular Keystone Show Design Center. In 2009, she co-designed with Christina Applegate a pendant that raises money for Applegate’s Right Action for Women foundation. Alex has also been affected by the disease, her mother passed away from breast cancer.

Alex Woo was born and still working in downtown Manhattan, Alex embodies the spirit and passion of a true New Yorker. Her inspiration comes from her travels around the world and confess that her most creative moments are found in new places she visits.

Alex Woo jewelry elegantly balances the trendy “must have” and the classic into sleek and stylish designs that evoke the bold strength of today’s women, while keeping intact their natural femininity. Alex designs real jewelry for real women, challenging herself to find unique and intriguing ways to accessorize, and with each piece handcrafted and signed by the designer, the quality is unsurpassed.

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