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Pendants or chains are generally articles of jewelry donned around the neck. They are frequently formed by the metal jewelry archipelago, often attached to any locket or pendant. Necklaces can also be made with towel, and they sometimes include rocks (particularly gemstones), wood, and/or backside with various shapes and sizes.

Necklaces have always been an main issue with jewelry since old civilizations. The beginning of the necklaces are believed to be as previous as the Stone Age, which is around Forty five,000 years old. Back then, people decorated on their own with mollusk necklaces. Occasionally later, necklaces made from stone, bone, covers and animal enamel became popular.

After the finding of metals similar to gold, silver, etc. they where utilized to create eye-catching necklaces for both men and women.

The most magical and womanly coming from all gems are black pearls. Pearls are viewed as probably the most romantic items which might be gifted to a feminine.

Once pearl jewelry ended up rated among the prime priced items. Now the cost of pearl jewelry is actually reasonable priced to many people.

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Margo Morrison Necklaces

The woman behind your Margo Morrison necklaces collection is – by very same name – Margo Morrison. Margo is a respectable and comfortable designer amongst celeb stars and the open public.

“I think I was given birth to be creative,” Margo says. She remember drawing when she was a child and studying time-honored piano from the day of seven to twenty-three.

The girl facination of suspending stones the way in which musical notes tend to be suspended on a staff, Margo Morrison started creating your ex semi-precious and pearl jewelry range known as MARGO MORRISON NEW YORK.

Margo Morrison explains her jewelry since “visual music”, playing off negative and positive space while combining complementary colors, designs and shapes. Margo’s personal feminine looks combine faceted semi-precious stones and glossy freshwater pearls twisted on beige nylon cord, finished with sterling silver toggles cast from branches and berries. The particular cord disappears on the skin so the stones appear as if they are sailing.

Margo Morrison necklaces not only attracts women of all ages, that appeals to celebrities of all ages as well! Blake Lively, Debra Playing, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharon Stone, Brooke Shields, Karen Allen and Blythe Danner are typical part of Margo Morrison’s growing celeb clientele, wearing the woman’s jewelry on camera and off.

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